SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY SL is made of a team of professionals and technicians able to supply any SPANISH fruit or vegetable, granting strict compliance with the high-demanding requisites of its clients.

     SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY SL, backed by its IFS BROKER CERTIFICATION, is a service company, an alternative or complement to the purchasing offices of any supermarket, avoiding costs and difficulties involved: from the renting of offices, the hiring of employees to the fulfillment of Spanish norms. Moreover, thanks to its independency, SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY SL guarantees the highest efficiency and involvement.

     The main feature of SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY SL is its strict QUALITY CONTROL system. The company grants that all supplied products fulfill the quality specifications established by its clients. With exhaustive controls, the beginning and the end of each product’s season is marked, but besides, quality is also controlled throughout the whole campaign. Moreover, transport means and temperature during the load and the whole route are also controlled.

     Thanks to these regular visits of the technicians, the company is constantly informed about the evolution of the campaign, in order to be aware of any possible problems, prevent them and solve them if they appear; thus, we take active part in the production chain, offering the services of the technicians to the growers and planning jointly future campaigns.

     Furthermore, SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY, assures that all delivered products are grown complying with the integrated production norms (for conventional produce) and with the organic production norms (for organic produce).

     The company keeps a very close relation to all its providers, due to lots of years of loyal collaboration and strict selection; therefore, SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY takes special care that all its providers have the quality certificates required by the clients and recognized by international norms, like GLOBAL GAP, IFS, BRC……, controlling also their on-time renewals and, in this sense, keeping data bases updated to be able to tackle any problem that might rise.

     SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY SL also grants that its providers fulfill norms of good social practices, more and more essential for international business.

     For all these reasons, SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY SL is the best business partner for any client interested in purchasing Spanish products with all the guaranties and with the best quality.

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