SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY is synonymous with sustainability and social responsibility, with all our products coming from organic or integrated farming.

The trust and proximity we maintain with our growers makes us be closely involved in the whole production process by planning the sowing and selecting the varieties. This allows us great flexibility to meet the needs of our customers and to adapt to any changes that may be necessary.

Our aim is to ensure the product is handled as little as possible, and to this end, we have introduced new product lines for supermarkets that are packaged directly in the field, providing double added value; for distribution, ostensibly extending the product’s shelf life, thus giving them greater margin for sale; and for consumers, guaranteeing the quality and freshness of a product directly from the field to their homes.

To learn more about our products, we have an illustrative CATALOGUE that, beyond the specifications of our customers, contains the minimum quality standards we demand for each load.




Cauliflower and Broccoli

Green Asparagus



Peppers (Capsicum)